Project title: Pathways Project

Project number: BGR 074 Total Budget: $490,031.00

Project implementation: May 2010 – November 2012 Duration: 30 Months

Target place: Sofia and Pazardzhik

Donor: USAID

Partners: Pathways Organization, Pazardzhik

Target groups:

• Pathways Center for Education and Entrepreneurship youth and adult students;

• Program sphere: Education



Project Description:

The project will be conducted by a newly established non-profit entity based in Pazardjik, Bulgaria and called Pathways (formerly referred to as NOMAD) and by ECIP, which shall be responsible for administrative support and grant accountability throughout the duration of the project. The project will last for 30 months and will cater to high school students with prior interest and experience in computer science. Sixty students will be selected from local high schools as a pilot participating group. The students will be taught to install and maintain computer hardware and networks as well as to develop online and offline software applications, multimedia products, websites and various graphics design and industrial design products, while utilizing modern computer languages and applications.

Type of services provided:

Administrative capacity building; Financial control of funds expenditure transferred to Pathways;

Monitoring of Partner program implementation to verify expenditure of funds to donor;

Communication among three parties involved in project;